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The Fifth Discipline today

It is 32 years ago when Peter M. Senge’s book The Fifth Discipline was published and ever since had its big influence. Today it seems to be more relevant then ever with the many challenges in climate, energy, transport, food and healthcare facing the communities in the world.

In my backyard it also shows its influence. Involved in the transformation of healthcare in several local communities I come across things like organizational or team learning, iceberg and mental models, leadership as personal mastery, shared vision making and indeed systems thinking. The latter entrenched in me through a career starting in defense, and via the energy sector into IT and digital healthcare. Since the late nineties as a member of the Systems Engineering community INCOSE.

As it brought me at least great insights I had the desire to bring systems thinking and systems engineering more to the attention of the healthcare community. Discussing this with Jeroen Mulder we decided about a year ago to take on this task and to co-write a book on the topic. Jeroen’s publisher Packt> where he already had some books under his belt was interested and gave us the chance.

Well we are almost ready. The book Healthcare Transformation with DevOps is a practical guide to embrace the complexity of healthcare. Proud to say that pre ordering has started at Amazon.

Standing on the shoulders of people with great achievements and their methods and insights we hope to give a nudge with our small contribution on the digital transformation of healthcare.

With hands on ways how to use methods and modeling we think that common understanding in the complexity of healthcare will accelerate the transformation. Think of integral care plans, remote monitoring, advanced care planning, restructuring organizations and collaborations around the patient, shift to prevention and lifestyle, utilizing the newest technology, all by understanding each other’s stories and explore them together to find the solutions.

Join the movement. Listen and understand the stories in healthcare and tell your insights on how to bring health forward. Together we will learn.


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